Our Team

Dr. Martha Zeiter
Dr. Zeiter with dogs.

Dr. Martha Zeiter was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, MI. She first
started working at MPAH in 1998 as a kennel assistant. She graduated
from Michigan Technological University in 2004 with a BS in Chemical
Engineering before deciding to pursue veterinary medicine. Martha
graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary
Medicine in 2008 and immediately began practicing at MPAH. In January
2017, she purchased the practice from Dr. Charlie Stirling, who had
owned it for over 42 years. Dr. Zeiter has 3 dogs (Luna, Twister, and
Faye) and a 3-legged cat named Ron. She also fosters dogs for Pointer
Rescue Organization and provides medical care for them.

MPAH Staff

We couldn’t run this place without them, and we appreciate all of their hard

Emily Blodgett
Michaela Austin
Grace Cooke
Rena Angera
Lindsey Anderson
Emily Blodgett
Emily Blodgett
Our office cat, digit


Digit, our office cat that keeps us company while we are hard at work!